Founder's vision

Many people talk about the future of mobile, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence. On the other hand, we don't talk about desktops and Internet browsers. Can't there be innovation in the browser? No. Just like the mobile market after the iPhone, the desktop browser is going to grow exponentially.

Airdesk is growing differently than other web applications. Ordinary web services attract people to perform certain functions.Visit the site and people consume the content of the site. Most web services have the same structure, with only different types of content. But we focused on the question. "Why people use the Internet?" We don't create content that's consumed, we create tools that make it easier to use the Internet.

Airdesk has an advantage over the world's best applications. Because once you start using the Internet, you're together from the moment you turn it on to the moment you turn it off.We don't make consumer goods. We create tools that can be used for a long long time. Great tools can be used regardless of the times. Even those who didn't use the tool when it became more convenient and more sophisticated will use it. Airdesk will be the best tool for your Internet browser. It's going to be tens of thousands, and one day it's going to be used by millions.


Strategy of Airdesk

We anticipate and prepare for the development of Internet browsers. The growth of the Web and the growth of the browser market is a clear future.At this point, no big company is interested in browser utilities. Because on the web, there are fewer products than desktop apps or mobile apps, and there are fewer technologies available on the web. But it's not forever. Developers all over the world are developing Javascript libraries and experiencing the biggest growth in the world. Tens of thousands of modules are added, and 70% of all developers deal with the Web. The future isn't coming, but it's obvious. Airdesk is making clear answers to the future.

Our strategy is simple. We are not a big company with a lot of resources. We need to use limited resources to create the best results, and we've done this.As a result, we're putting the user's request first, and we're obsessed with it. Airdesk continues to add, select and develop features on demand from the user. What users will do over the Internet is our primary concern and will continue to be so.

Content & Platform

About Open market

We make tools, but we also need to take advantage of the powerful benefits of the Web. That's the network effect. An architecture that increases value as more people use it is a network effect that is commonly seen on the Web. However, almost all tools have little or no network effect. We need to maximize network effects because we are both a tool and a part of the space called the Web.

Open Market is our answer. Through open markets, we create great content, connect creators with users. Keeping good value and making the necessary compensation is something the Web has never done.Many content is traded at no price, and data is illegally distributed. Through our content network effects and networking with creators, we not only enhance the value of Airdesk, but also create a platform for creators.