Premium License

Enjoy 100% of the Airdesk features with a single purchase!

Get it Premium only $4.99

Computer in the Browser

Create the icons you need, and use a much more convenient Internet, such as memos and calendars.

Secure Cloud Storage

It works with the most popular Amazon cloud server in the world, and all of your data is stored encrypted using SHA256.

Fit your style

Create your only browser with dozens of customizations from the Airdesk.

You can create an icon and set it to the image you want.

The moving script background and background effects are provided.

We tells you how many times you use the Internet.

You can decorate the widget with additional styling options.

Comparing all features

Airdesk wants to make good software.
We'd like to offer you a premium service that's more attractive, with the superior features available at no charge.

Create All Icons
Create Unlimited Icons
Premium Icon Image
Icon background color, title color, resize
Additional Icon Background Color and Border Options
Lock document, folder icons
Todo list statstics
Google Task Synchronization (Chrome Only)
Synchronize Google Tasks without limits (Chrome Only)
Gmail Sychronization(Chrome Only)
Sticky Notes
Create Sticky Notes
Create an unlimited sticky note
Premium Border Options
Gradient background color
Insert Emoticons
Insert Checkbox
Create, view, delete, and modify schedules
Google Calendar Interlink (Chrome only)
Imported in Google Calendar Publicly (Other browsers)
Calendar Widget
Weather Widget
Weather Styling and Positioning
Detailed Weather and Weather Forecast
Premium Styling
current time
Current Time Widget
Current time styling, positioning, and sizing
Premium Styling
Famous Saying
Mythical Widget
language selection
Resize, Color, Location
Premium Styling
Check the list of Famouse sayings
Search Widget
Search Engine change
Resize, Color, Location
Premium Styling
Personalization Settings
Custom Font and Free Theme
Premium Theme
Layer Intensity and Blur Effect
Black-and-white, sepia, contrast effect
System Language setting
Link Move Settings
Click Icons options
Custom Font and Theme
ultrahigh definition random image
Background Collection and Custom Collection
My Computer Image Background
Web Image Background
monochromatic and gradient background
pattern background
Script background
background effect
Image Recording
Gradient Layer
Layer Pattern
Internet Usage Statistics
Daily Internet Usage Statistics
Weekly Internet Usage Statistics
URL analysis
frequently visited site statistics
Backing up and recalling full data
Setting up automatic backup cycles
data storage
Save your own browser sync
Airdesk Cloud Unlimited Storage
Access all features on routine
Rotuine statstics
Other Utilities
Day countdown widget

Premium License Core Features

All features are continuously updated and added.

  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Unlimited icon, sticker note
  • Hundreds icon image
  • Lock document, folder icons
  • Premium themes
  • List of thousands of famous words
  • Moving script background screen
  • All Customizing Access
  • Internet Usage Statistics Graph
  • Setting up automatic backups
  • Background screen filter
  • background screen effect
  • Last Random Image Background Screen List
  • Google Tasks Unlimited Interworking (with Chrome Browser)


What features does Premium License offer?

You'll receive early access and quick assistance for all the features shown above, as well as those added to the airdesk.

How can I use it after purchase?

From the Airdesk main menu, click "My Info" to log in. If you have already logged in, log out and log in again, your license will take effect.

Can I get a refund on my Premium License?

Charges are non-refundable unless required by law. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for further details.

Paymenet method

Premium edition is not available for a while.