Google Tasks

Google tasks is available in Chrome browser and is available on Airdesk 6.2 or later.

1. Create Checklist Icon

Create one checklist icon.

Please be careful!

You can use the existing checklist if you have one, but be careful that the existing data of the checklist is deleted when linked.

Easy sync

2. To synchronize by right clicking

Right-click on the icon to see the Sync button. Press the button.

3. Authenticate

When the authentication window appears, select the Google ID you want to connect to. Press the OK button to proceed.

4. Select a list

Select a list to connect to.

Please be careful!

The Checklist icon will be renamed to the name of the associated list. If a name in the list has double quotation marks ("), it will not work normally, so please correct the name and proceed.

5. Connection complete

If the connection is successful, a message to complete will appear. Click the checklist icon to confirm.

Some alerts

- Deleting an associated icon does not delete the list stored in Google Labs. Only the Checklist icon on the Airdesk will be deleted.

Easy unlink

- If you want to release, press U-click to turn it off.

- It's limited one list for free user.