Getting Started

Airdesk is a browser extension.
You can easily create your own dashboard in the browser.

Airdesk appearance

Browser synchronization

We recommend syncing your browser before installing Airdesk. With Browser Sync, you can use Airdesk in the same environment on other computers. If you use AirDesk without synchronizing and connect to the browser and use it, existing data may be lost.

Please be careful! Synchronization may not work properly if you use the Airdesk downloaded from the Chrome Web Store in Whale browser.

Chrome Sync

1. In the top right corner of the browser, press Customize and control Google Chrome button and then click Settings.

2. Touch the Chrome sign-in button. If you are already logged in, log out to log in to the account you want.

3. After signing in to Chrome, press the OK button to sync. Wait a while and sync will happen automatically.

Whale Sync

1. In the top right corner of your browser, click Sign in to Whale.

2. Sign in with your Naver Username.

3. Wait a few moments and the synchronization will be completed automatically.

When synchronization fails

Chrome: Click Customize and control Google Chrome > User > Synchronization. Select the extension.

Whale: Click Customize and control Whale > Login > Show sycn setting. Be sure to select the extension you want to sync.


You can download it from the web store of your browser.

Officially, Airdesk can download the latest version from Chrome and Whale web store.

You can also use the Airdesk in other Vivaldi or operas. Vivaldi is downloaded from the web store. Opera, on the other hand, installs the add-on for downloading Chrome extensions. You can download it from the web store. If you use Vivaldi and Opera, the Airdesk will appear when you press the airdesk button on the top right, not new tab button. Synchronization is not provided for Vivaldi and Opera.


Right click!

You have successfully installed Airdesk! Now, let's experience many features one by one. I'll explain how Airdesk works before that.


The components of the Airdesk can be dragged. Try moving the current time on the screen or the search bar a little. When you change the location, Airdesk remembers the changed location!

Right click

It is rare to right click on the Internet, right? Since Airdesk behaves like a desktop, there are many functions hidden in the right-click. Right-click on the wallpaper and a window will appear where you can create multiple icons. This allows you to create whatever you need right in the background.

Centered alignment

Want to change the size of the screen? The icons will move depending on the screen size. Moving standards are central. Almost all icons and components move in the middle. However, some elements work a little differently, and I'm going to give you the option to change the alignment baseline later. What if you want to see the icon on the screen and see it on a small screen?

When the icon leaves the screen?

You can reduce the screen size slightly. Pressing the Ctrl and - buttons will reduce the screen. Conversely, pressing the + button will enlarge the screen.

Right click!

Icon Alignment

You can sort the icons by using the keyboard arrows, or by selecting multiple icons and right-clicking them.


Using hotkeys makes it much faster and more airdesignable. In Airdesk, click Setting > Shortcuts.


Airdesk is constantly updated. AirDesk is closed and most of the updates are in progress. When the update is in progress with the Airdesk open, the Open Airdesk tab changes to the default tab screen.

Data storage

Airdesk is using browser sync storage. If you turn off browser syncing or if you are not signed in to the browser, save it to your local storage. We recommend using sync because data stored in local storage may disappear at any time.

Backup data

In Setting > Backup, there were download, upload, reset button.

1. Download (Create backup file): Download the file that stores all current Airdesk synchronized data. Because it is not encrypted at this time, if you have sensitive personal information, move the file where it is not exposed.

2. Upload (Restore): Selecting an Airdesk backup file will restore Airdesk to its saved state.

3. Initialization: deletes all statuses and changes to the status immediately after installation.

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