Premium Sync

Premium synchronization is available for all people with premium editions. It's safer than traditional storage, and all the information is encrypted and stored on the Airdesktop server. It also gives you plenty of storage space for almost unlimited use.

1. Browser login and synchronization

Please complete your browser login and synchronization first. You may skip this procedure and still use Premium Sync, but if your browser is used by another ID, the associated synchronization information will disappear and you will need to reconnect.

Airdesk login window

2. Airdesk login

Click My Info on the main menu to log in.

Grant Airdesk permissions

When the above window appears, press the Allow button to allow the Airdesk server to access the extension program.

Start synchronization

3. Synchronization

When you are done logging in, select Synchronize My info to click Start synchronization.

4. Save First Data

If you do not have existing synchronization data, save all current user data to the server.

5. Sync complete

If you enter your password again to verify your identity, the synchronization will complete. For the first synchronization, the screen does not change because the data is not imported.

6. Restart after aborting use or synchronization in another browser

In the above case, the user information stored on the Airdesk server is imported. When you start synchronization, the information stored on the server is imported.

Please be careful!

Multiple browsers limit synchronization for security reasons. For example, if you are using synchronization in your Chrome browser and you start synchronization in your Whale browser, the Chrome browser will be out of sync. "The access keys do not match." message appears.

In this case, if you want to use synchronization again in your Chrome browser, you can stop synchronizing in your Chrome browser and start synchronization again.

7. Return to pre-sync state

If you want to stop synchronization, under My Info > Sync, select Stop Sync. You will be importing data previously stored in your browser and will not be stored on the Airdesktop server.

When the screen before synchronization appears

Sometimes Chrome browser fails to get synchronized data. This is because Chrome does not properly retrieve user information stored on their servers and runs the Airdesk (this is the case where sometimes data loss occurs among free users), so refresh it without embarrassment and get normally premium synchronized data.