Create Collection

Want to create your own wallpaper list? Just create a collection in Unsplash, or set up a collection of others.

Select a Collection

Let's first look at many collections in Unsplash. Go to collections

Do you see so many collections? Choose one of your favorite collections and look at the address bar.

After selecting collection, address bar

The number part in the address bar is the collection ID. Copy this value.

Please be careful! You only need ID! If you put a different value, you will not be able to import the image!

Please put the address in the setting window!

Go into Setting > Curator And paste the ID.

Press the Set button to import the image in a few moments.

Create your own collection

your own collection

You can create your own collection in the same way.

First register on Unsplash, select your favorite images.

When you hover or click on the image, the collect button appears, and clicking on the collection will add the image to your collection.

Copy the ID of the collection and put it on Airdesk.