You can create and view events. For Chrome, you can create and edit events at Airdesk by linking with Google Calendar. Other browsers can use public calendars to view Google Calendar events.

Airdesk Calendar
Linking to Google Calendar

1. Click in Setting > Widget > Google Calendar.

2. Click the Connect button and enter the account information to connect to.

3. If permission is granted to Airdesk, Google Calendar event will be imported after a while.

View your Google Calendar calendar in a browser other than Chrome

Browsers other than Chrome can not provide Google Authenticator to extensions. In this case, you can check the schedule of Google Calendar by public calendar method.

Please be careful! This way, everyone can see your calendar by revealing it. Do not use this method if you're concerned about a certain exposure.

1. In Google Calendar, press the upper right corner icon to enter the setting.

2. Select your calendar to share from your list of calendars in the left sidebar.

3. On the following page, scroll down and check Show calendar.

4. Copy the calendar public ID.

5. Setting > Widget > Google Calendar. Paste the copied ID into the input box.